40% Off at LOFT – so Clutch!

40% Off at LOFT – so Clutch!

LOFT was born in 1998 and today has over 650 full-price and outlet stores in Canada, Mexico and in over 46 US states. Created at LOFT is modern, feminine, and versatile clothing for a wide range of women with one common style goal: to look and feel confident, wherever the day takes them. From everyday essentials to attainable trends, LOFT consistently serves up head-to-toe outfits and perfect pieces at an incredible value which makes getting dressed feel effortless. They are styles that reflect the world she lives in. Beyond women’s wardrobe needs, LOFT creates genuine and lasting relationships with customers via trusted in-store stylists and an optimistic spirit.”

You too can enjoy LOFT Style and – through April 15th – enjoy 40% off everything at LOFT by using the code FRIENDS while checking out.  For all you teachers out there – show a valid teacher’s ID at LOFT anytime – and receive 15% off – click here for details! The word clutch may be a bit dated :-). but your wardrobe will be completely up-to-date! Just for fun, below the outfits, we’ve listed the most popular slang words introduced by year.  Look, click, shop, and enjoy!

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LOFT Perforated Clutch
LOFT Perforated Clutch



LOFT Ruffled Wrap Skirt
LOFT Ruffled Wrap Skirt


LOFT Beach Bandeau Scalloped Bikini
LOFT Beach Bandeau Scalloped Bikini


LOFT Medallion Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress
LOFT Medallion Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress


Side Tie Sweater Tank
Side Tie Sweater Tank



LOFT Lou & Grey Striped Off-the-Shoulder Tank
LOFT Lou & Grey Striped Off-the-Shoulder Tank


LOFT Villa Dress
LOFT Villa Dress


Terms of the Times

1960, “dullsville”

1961, “bratty”

1962, “drop-dead gorgeous”

1963, “Mickey Mouse,” which meant goofing off at work

1964, “aw shucks”

1965, “grody,” which meant gross

1966, “kegger”

1967, “freak flag”

1968, “bippy”

1969, “out of sight.”

1970, “dorky”

1971, “deadheads”

1972, “guilt trip”

1973, “carbo,” which is short for carbohydrate

1974, “motorhead”

1975, “detox”

1976, “hardball”

1977, “brewski”

1978, “pig out”

1979, “nostalgia-fest.”

1980, “frizzy”

1981, “chill pill”

1982, “buff”

1983, “beat box”

1984, “that’s major”

1985, “radness”

1986, “studmuffin”

1987, “couch surfing”

1988, “F-bomb”

1989, “trash talk.”

1990, “kewl,”

1991, “tighty whiteys”

1992, “NOT,” mostly because of “Wayne’s World”

1993, “da bomb”

1994, “Benjamins”

1995, “as if”

1996, “whatever”

1997, “jiggy”

1998, “phat,” spelled P-H-A-T

1999, “bling.”

2000, “whassup?

2001, “whale-tail,” which is when your thong sticks out

2002, “hella”

2003, “peeps”

2004, “muffin top”

2005, “fo shizzle” and “fo sheezy”

2006, “sick.” As in, “Dude, that shirt is so sick.”

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